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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 16, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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neighbor, thelma steele. >> i don't know her, but i can't imagine what her family is feeling right now. >> 92-year-old woman doesn't bother nobody. minding her own business. >> she was as nice as you could be. >> neighbors call the victim's daughter after they didn't see steele for a couple of days. her daughter didn't either. that is when they called police. >> they came in, they found out she had been dead for two or three days. >> i'm scott broom, following up on a flash mob robbery where police say they have isolated the images of at least 28 28 people they think were involved. >> they proceed to clean the place out, that is a flash mob. most often spontaneously organized by teens spreading the word instantly on social media, it happened before in d.c. with clothing stores as the targets. >> we hope to put an end to it before it becomes a trend.
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>> reason enough for montgomery county police to take the incident seriously. this currently working towards identifying the suspects either from community input or working with schools and those that are positively identified, it will face charges. >> well, here's a question. how much damage do you think this? a water balloon can do? how about shattering a car's windshield. arlington county police say that's what happened at the mall last sunday, in a story you'll see only here on 9. lindsey mastis talked to the driver about the danger to his family. >> my wife screamed and i hear popping. >> cesar says he was leaving this parking garage at pentagon city mall with his family when it happened. >> the balloon exploded in the windshield. >> his wife was sitting right here in the passenger seat when the balloon hit the windshield, it shattered the glass. some of the pieces landed all
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over his wife and some of them even landed in the backseat right where his son was sitting. >> just trying to find something to do. they don't know they can kill somebody. >> hard to believe a water balloon could do this much damage, but it can. >> it's like any other physical object. >> physicist and his son point to newton's law of motion. >> the part of the acceleration comes into. while the balloon is in tact, it is like throwing a brick, because it is one single object and has a mass and that's all that matters. >> he has seen things thrown her before. >> people have been throwing things, especially at night. they think it's a joke. >> general manager of the fashion center at pentagon city says he has never heard of this happening here before. he said quote, hopefully there was no malicious intent, just someone who thought it was funny and it wasn't. he says the mall is reaching
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out to the management of the high-rise. santa maria says he is worried about other shopper's safety. >> it happened to me. it can happen to anybody. >> in arlington, 9news now. >> now an update on the sexual abuse case against former redskin, albert haynesworth. his lawyer claims a witness was offered $50,000. haynesworth is accused of groping a waitress' breast back in february. new court papers show this witness was offered the money by a man introduced as the waitress' lawyer, but bolden said that man is not her attorney. a spokesman says they are looking into this accusation. >> we now know what cause add car to literally turn into a fire ball. police say two juveniles were playing with gasoline when they accidentally ignited the ground and that spread to the car. our 9news photographer rolled up on the scene late last night. her car was parked in the 800
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block of lincoln drive just outside fredericksburg city limits. the flames melted the siding, thankfully nobody was hurt. >> let's get a check on the evening rush hour. hopefully things are winding down a bit, monica, what do you think? >> i just changed it back from green to yellow and that's because there's an accident on the eastbound side of 66 right at the beltway. it's in the right lane with four cars. here's what it looks like on the bw parkway northbound. you got the heavy and slow traffic still from about route 410 as you head up toward route 197. let's take you out to 270 where again, it's just slow going, basically from father hurley boulevard and end with a nice picture of 395 or 95 northbound at route 100 looks fine. 395 looks fine as well heading towards the beltway. >> tests are still going on to see what spilled into the
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river. workers found a concentration of oily substance as far north. d.c. firefighters say the substance tested positive as some kind of petroleum, but today it was a different story. >> this morning we went out and the we had not been a able to get the same positive test. we are going to continue to test the samples. we had a significant rain event and this is an area that does have a runoff history. however, with the number of reports we received, we wanted to take a cautious effort to make sure we could figure out what we had going on. >> containment booms were floated near the sousa bridge to keep it from spreading. so far, wildlife seems to be unaffected. >> if you had to be outside today, it turned out to be pretty darn nice. when about later tonight though? the big question. topper, what do you think? >> we are in good shape. tiny shower on radar and that is about it. most of us enjoying temperatures.
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comfortable temperatures and low humidity. 85 downtown. 81 in gaithersburg. they run high up there. 86 in fredericksburg. for tonight, we are in great shape. isolated early shower, otherwise partly cloudy, still comfortable. lows in the 60s. winds will become northeasterly. we'll come back and let you know if we'll keep it going tomorrow and what happens by the end of the week. some changes on the way. >> now the latest details on next week's big opening of the nare tin luther king memorial at the title basin. crews will remove the fencing around the construction area and starting tuesday, folks can visit some new memorial, finally. >> decided to do the courageous thing and that is eliminate the tickets. so that everybody can show up on d.c. residents day. >> next tuesday is d.c. day at the memorial, but organizers say anybody can come. guided tours will be conducted from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. the memorial's official dedication is one week from
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this sunday. president obama will be there. metro will be open early at 5:00 a.m. to handle the large crowd that is expected. people who live in leesburg will likely say this next story is the real deal. and that is that leesburg is among the top five best small towns in america. and that is according to cnn money. it ranks leesburg number five partly because of its proximity to good jobs and government and defense contracting. also making money's top 100 list are hernden. right after the break, most families fight now and again, but one feud landed two people in the hospital and another behind bars. more on the standoff coming up. but first, an illness caused by a microscopic bug claims the life of a young boy. what you need to know to protect yourself in tonight's health alert. stay with us on 9news now. ♪ [ rock ]
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[ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah!
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. a health alert for anyone wanting to take a trip to a fresh lake water pond. a 9-year-old died from a brain infection from a microscopic bug. christian died back on august 5. they believe the ameba infected him while he was
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fishing at a day camp. >> it is everywhere. it lives in shallow, fresh water bodies. it can gain access to the central nervous system and cause infections of the sack that surrounds the brain and that is called meningitis. >> they may be able to get in through the ear canal on nose. this infection is really rare. the last time the death was reported from an ameba in the state of virginia was 1969. they do warn if you're going to a lake or pond, avoid putting your head under water if you're swimming. a fire in the great dismal swamp national refuge is taking its toll on roads. engineers began assessing damage to roadways throughout the swamp. roads along ditches became at risk. the nearly 6,000 acre fire is about 10% contained. lightning started the flames. after the break, topper is back with your full 9news now forecast. but first, a family feud
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played out with bullets and fire. stay with us. z
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bad blood ended with bloodshed in bedford county virginia. that's according to police after a man shot his own brother and nephew. this happened last night. after the man shot his family members, he barricaded himself in the house. the standoff lasted for four
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hours before the suspect set his own home on fire. >> when they went into the basement area, they found the subject. the suspect in one corner with the 45 automatic pistol beside him. >> i'm not surprised, no. >> why? >> i mean, they were feuding for a long time. >> suspect suffered minor burns. the two shooting victims are in critical condition. tonight a virginia inmate on death row says he wonders what his life would have been like if he wasn't abused by a child. set to die by lethal injection at greenville correctional center on thursday. now jackson was convicted of raping and killing 88-year-old ruth phillips of williams burg in 2001. in a prison interview, his life and phillips would have turned out differently if he had not been abused. >> the australian man accused
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of a bomb plot in sydney was in court this morning in kentucky. paul peters was arrested out of louisville yesterday. >> an fbi s.w.a.t. team moved in on this home and arrested 50-year-old paul peters. he is accused of breaking into a sydney australian mansion and chaining a fake bomb around the neck of madeleine pulver as part of an extortion plot. >> the investigation team in sydney identified a suspect for this offense who we had reason to believe had traveled to the united states. >> peters was tracked to the home of his ex-wife in kentucky, but authorities don't believe she had any knowledge of his alleged crimes. australian authorities used an e-mail account to help find peters. on august 3, police say peters attacked madeleine, the daughter of a wealthy businessman while she was home alone studying for an exam. after attaching the device around her neck, he pinned a list of demands on her chest
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before departing. he was attached to the device for ten hours before the bomb squad was able to remove it. the pulver family is relieved a suspect is in custody. >> these two weeks have been a difficult time for us and hopeful that this development marks the beginning of the end of this traumatic ordeal for our family. >> australian authorities want to extradite, cbs news. >> the judge in louisville ordered peters held until an extradition hearing. police are smashing down doors, turning the tables of suspected rioters. they are hauling them in to clean up the mess they made. meanwhile, police charged a 16- year-old boy with the murder of a retiree. richard was trying to put out a fire when he was punched in the head. today, british prime minister called the riots a wakeup call to that country. >> across the coalition
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government will review every aspect of our work to mend our broken society on schools, welfare, families, parenting, addiction, communities, on the cultural legal bureaucratic problems in our society, too. from the twisting and misrepresenting of human rights that is undermined personal responsibility for the obsession with health and safety that has in many ways eroded people's willingness to act according to common sense. >> british police say the thieves and thugs intended to do more damage. officers intersected phone and twitter messages from rioters suggesting they were targeting 2012 olympic sites and major shopping centers. they have now arrested more than 3,000 people across britain. half of them in london. while we enjoyed cooler summer temperatures, heavy snow is falling across new zealand. it is the heaviest snowfall that country has seen in decades. the winter weather caused several roads to close, knocked down power lines. forecasters say snow and freezing temperatures will be
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around for a few more days in new zealand, that is. >> because it's the opposite side. opposite us. you know, working on the blog. i posted until friday, but also a will the of snow left on mt. rainier. it's a record amount. a will the of snow left. it should be melted by this time. >> what happens, is it a precursor for us? >> i wish, but probably not. a reminder topping off with topper, you want $50 in gas? go it our facebook page, you have to like us. details are there. what a fantastic evening. we have been tracking one lonely shower and that's it. only blemish on what is otherwise a perfect evening. you can access this on our website. we have been tracking this storm, it is moving southeast and we'll zoom in. it's weak, a couple sprinkles north of 66. and just south of 66 south of marshall and that is about it. where is it going to go in the
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next hour? going away in the next hour. so that is it. you're going to go to wolf trap tonight to see chicago, enjoy. temperatures are going to be great. humidity is low right now really. 82 in arlington. 82 in bethesda. 83 in great falls. temperatures uniform. generally low 80s. 84 in college park. 83 in beltsville. 84 in laurel. the tropics are still kind of active. there are no storms just yet. gert is gone, but watching a couple waves. one there, one there, and this one. it could become a tropical storm. brought areas and storms over to the d.c. it is drifting westward. we will watch it carefully. there's a chance it could develop in the next two to three days. especially if it gets in the gulf or the caribbean. depends on which track it takes. big thunderstorms over the anyone domincan.
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early isolated shower, then comfortable overnight. wednesday the best of the week. no doubt, a little unsettled on thursday. that's kind of code for remember your umbrella. for tonight, early isolated shower, clear to partly cloudy. comfortable. lows in the 60s. winds will switch directions after midnight. temperatures, arlington and springfield, you might not make it quite into the 60s. maybe 70. 64 in gaithersburg. 64 in bowie. down to the south, 68 in waldorf. mid 60s in fairfax and reston and even 53 out toward leesburg and middleburg and toward manassas. tomorrow morning, grab your shades. partly cloudy and pleasant. 60s and 70s with light wind. air quality holds in the moderate range, which isn't great, but not bad by summer. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warmer. high temperatures in the upper 80s. pretty good deal really. 88 in arlington. 89 in springfield. some areas may be approaching
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90. rockville, college park 87 and bowie 88 toward waldorf. so we'll break it down. 60s to start and we're going to call that cool. 80 to 84 by noon. and great by evening. 84 to 88. pretty good deal. next three days, thursday go downhill. showers and storms. low 80s. and the storms are going to occur at any time of the day and more storms on friday in the mid 80s. next seven days, the good news is, we should be drying out again. maybe a sprinkle on saturday. 89. and then sort of hot, not crazy hot. low 90s on sunday, but sunshine and thunderstorms developing monday. some of those could be hefty. we'll keep you posted. a strong cold front approaches. that will knock temperatures into the low 80s, which will be quite nice. >> great. all right, we need your help here. hum the theme song to the benny hill song. can you help me here? >> no, i can't. >> hopefully someone out there can. this is interstate 30 in fort
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worth, texas, and this is real a. stolen forklift, no shirt on, a dog by his side. he is chugging beers weaving through traffic and leading police on the slowest chase on record. what is this all about? >> i took the tractor and i drove the tractor to the beer store. i picked up a six pack of beer. i had my dog with me on top of the lift. >> of course you did. okay now, everyone does that. tim was on a beer run on the forklift. he figured why not take the dog along? here the joking ends. tim got tasered, cuffed, ask locked behind bars and he's going to be there for a while. >> just a guess here, the six- pack he bought was not his first one of the evening. >> i think that's probably true. we'll be right back. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's
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no need to adjust your tv's, folks, if you are seeing
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double, triple, it's okay. the annual multiple festival is going on in france. nearly 1500 twins, triplets, and quadruplets have come out for the 18th annual tradition. many of them dress alike, making it tougher to tell the siblings apart. that's our report tonight at 11:00. talk about the compute cuddly. we take a look at some of the most endangered babies right here at the national zoo. and don't forget, you can log on any time to i'm anita brikman. i'll see you back here at 11:00. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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this is "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. a real housewife of beverly hills husband found dead, an alleged suicide. the "e.t." investigation today. accusations of abuse. their marriage unraveling on tv. is the show to blame? >> i feel a little -- >> plus, the new photo was her face cut and what the other housewives are saying. then arnold's love child boogie boarding in malibu. the new shots just in. >> kim kardashian's wedding countdown. >> the wedding preparations. >> plus, before she says "i do," we are going inside her closet. >> i love coats, i love shoes, i love bags. >> over 600 shoes, nearly 200


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